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Atenzia Protec: Telecare with lifestyle pattern

Atenzia Vida analyses and learns from user behavioural patterns

A 24-hour assistance service that enables the family to consult their family member's activity and location at any time, and for the user to contact a team of socio sanitary professionals in order to receive immediate assistance in emergency situations or moments of insecurity, as well as continuous daily care.


Immediate care on a 24-hour basis with lifestyle pattern

With the press of a button , immediate assistance in emergency situations or moments of insecurity as well as continuous care on a daily basis.


Immediate professional care


Personalised care for each user


Monitoring calls and company


Notification to relatives


Leisure activities and prevention workshops

A proactive care, intervention and monitoring system that analyses and learns from the behavioural patterns of the user, detecting and notifying the Care Centre in case of an emergency or unusual situations as well as informing family members.

Monitoriza e Informa

Monitors and Reports the user's day to day in real time

Crea y Analiza

Create and Analyse the user's lifestyle pattern

Detecta e Interviene

Detects and Intervenes in situations involving risk or that are unusual.


GPS Positioning outside the home and location by room at home

User information in real time

Authorized family members can consult the location and activity of their family member at any time. From anywhere via app or web.

Inside the home

Check that everything is fine at a glance.

  1. A radar graph allows us to know the person’s location at all times, based on the distance to the sensors placed in the different rooms.
  2. A timeline gives us information on the current day's progress.

Dentro de casa

When away from home

Atenzia Vida provides security when leaving the home because the customer can contact the Care Centre immediately and at any time, just by pressing the button on the wristband they always wear.

  1. Immediate assistance if the user presses the emergency button on their wristband, including GPS tracking.
  2. Immediate notification is sent to our Care Centre operated by professionals.
  3. Autonomy and confidence when leaving home, with the peace of mind of being continuously supported in any situation involving insecurity or risk.

Fuera de casa

You can complement the service with:

Unidad Móvil

Emergency unit

To respond to situations that require assistance or intervention by the Atenzia staff at the user's home.

Custodia de Llaves

Key Safe-Keeping

To facilitate immediate access to the home without having to wait for the fire services or locksmiths, avoiding damage.

Orientación Médica

Medical helpline

A medical team available on a 24-hour basis for telephone support and guidance on generic issues.

Patrón de vida

Atenzia Vida works by using devices with sensor technology that allows the independent detection of risky situations and complements the service with a mobile app that allows monitoring outside the home.

The plugs and the alarm bracelet are signal receivers capable of measuring movement and are installed in each room of the house to obtain information on user activity.

Lifestyle pattern from Smart Algorithms

The information obtained by this sensor network is transmitted, in real time, to our server, where it will be analysed by means of intelligent algorithms. This analysis will allow us to extract and learn about the customer's habitual patterns of behaviour within their home, in such a way that we can proactively identify potentially risky situations when the patterns are broken. Therefore, the study of the routines of the users of our service will enable the identification of abnormal situations, such as:

  • Someone who goes to the bathroom at night and has still not emerged after an hour.
  • Someone who normally wakes up between 9 and 10, and on a given day has still not done so by 11:30.
  • An unusual period of inactivity in any part of the house.
  • Someone who does not arrive home at the time expected in the afternoon
Atención inmediata Immediate care on a 24-hour basis with lifestyle pattern
Conexión permanente Permanent communication
Gestión de emergencias  con recursos públicos  y/o privados Emergency management with public and/or private resources
Intervención multidisciplinar Multidisciplinary intervention
Llamadas de seguimiento Monitoring calls and company
Unidad móvil Emergency response unit*
Custodia de llaves Key safe-keeping*
Aviso a  familiares y personas del entorno Notification to relatives
Recordatorio  medicación,  citas médicas... Reminder for medication, medical appointments, etc.
Orientación médica telefónica Medical Helpline
Geolocalización GPS location

* Services subject to geographic availability and/or contract type

Advantages of telecare

  • Provides security and peace of mind for the customer and their family.
  • Encourages people's autonomy and independence.
  • Acts in a preventive manner and intervenes in emergency situations.


Telecare with lifestyle pattern
Maximum simplicity

  • Does not require a fixed telephone line
  • Does not require an Internet connection
  • Very simple use
  • Can be moved to another home during the vacation period

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